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Why Athletics?

We at ACA understand the important educational value provided by athletic participation and the many lessons taught through interscholastic and intramural sports. Athletics participation helps a student receive a well-rounded education at Arkansas Christian Academy. There are many lessons in life that can only be learned on a field or court. These are the type of lessons that teach students perseverance, selflessness, respect, and a healthy dose of determination. While these lessons can be taught in the classroom, or even at home, those learned in the heat of competition will never be forgotten.

The goal of our Athletics department is to teach athletes to behave ethically and responsibly, both on the field and off, and to respect one’s opponent by displaying good sportsmanship at all times. By teaching these important life lessons to our students, Arkansas Christian Academy instills habits which will prepare students to lead better and healthier lives. We believe that the vigorous demands of athletic competition, and all of the victories and challenges that they encounter along the way, will challenge our student-athletes to give their very best effort, while building strength of character and providing them with the tools that will lead them to success throughout their lives well beyond sports.

Of course, academics are always given priority at ACA, but if a student is proven to be conscientious in the classroom, and is interested in athletics, he/she is given the opportunity to participate.  

The Knight Athletics Mission

Arkansas Christian is committed to excellence in athletics as part of a larger commitment to educating the whole student. ACA Knight Athletics fosters the intellectual, physical and spiritual growth of our students, by providing opportunities that promote character, humility, integrity, determination, and self-confidence.

Athletics at Arkansas Christian Academy builds a community that engages students, faculty, parents, and alumni, by creating a forum in which  both participates and spectators can share in the ACA experience. Our coaches take pride in being educators committed to our overall mission, and our athletes accept their responsibility as ambassadors with a duty to represent the entire ACA student body. Successful athletic teams generate unique excitement across the campus and community - enhancing the overall spirit of our school. We want all students at ACA to feel proud to be a Knight! 

Current Sports and Future Vision 

Arkansas Christian Academy currently offers Boys/Girls Basketball, Football, Girls Volleyball, and Cheerleading.  We are always growing and expanding our offerings, so please let us know if there is an extra-curricular activity, in which your child would like to participate.  We will make every effort to add  sports to our department as students show interest. Our goal is to allow our students the opportunity to compete in a variety of sports in an effort to be competitive, as well as to provide students as many scholarship opportunities as possible.

If you love to work hard and want to WIN, we would love to have you join a team and become an Arkansas Christian Academy Knight!